Mahe Drysdale from NZ Olympic Champion 2012 M1x with RP3 Rowing
Warum ich mit RP3 die Zuglänge verbessere
Team Rudern mit  Verbindungsstange
CRO M1x Damir Martin with RP3 rowing
Kim Crow W1x from Australia rowing the RP3 Rowing machine
Sinkovic brothers CRO M2x with RP3 Rowing

RP3 wird von Weltmeistern und Olympiasieger genutzt

At the last Olympics in RIO both single scull events men and women were won by RP3 users Mahe Drysdale and Kim Brennan. Also the Croation brothers Martin and Valent Sinkovic won gold in the men’s double, also gold for the women’s lightweight double of the Netherlands, Maike Head and Ilse  Paulis. A great achievement was made by the French woman pair that reached the finals for the first time in 12 years, coached by Christine Gosse, who uses RP3 for training her rowers.

Two multiple World Champion lightweight single scullers, Frans Göbel and Peter Haining recognised the RP3 rowing simulator as an essential tool in the preparation for their world championships, to improve their technique.

Cambridge University Boat Club and recently also Oxford University Boat Club, the GB eight, Rob Waddell, Greg Searle and other scullers are well aware of its advantages.

Prominent coaches such as Mark Emke (Head Coach Dutch Men), Micheal Callahan (Head coach Men Washington University), Charlie Butt (Harvard Men),Mike Taiti ( Head Coach California Men), Cristine Gosse (Head Coach women France), Harry Mahon (G.B. sculling coach and Cambridge U.B.C.), Martin McElroy (G.B. Eight coach), Tim McLaren (U.T.S.Haberfield Sydney and Cambridge U.B.C) and Steve Trapmore (Cambrigde U.B.C. Chief Coach) who have been using the RP3 Rowing simulator extensively for prolonged periods, characterize the machine as fully boat compatible and an unsurpassed tool for improving rowing technique and synchronizing crews.

Others may have been doing also, but are keeping it quiet.